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A New Style of Halter Training

If you have ever attempted, successfully or unsuccessfully, to break a calf with the intentions of showing it, you have probably, at some point, thought there must be a better way than the traditional method that has been passed down from generation to generation.  Fortunately, for the open and progressive minded, there is in fact a better way to train calves and prepare them for the show ring, using natural cattle handling techniques developed in Brazil. 

Read more about Natural Halterbreaking, printed in The American Brahman Review….

Through an educational partnership between John Locke and Nilson Dornellas de Olivera, we are able to offer natural halter-breaking educational clinics in the United States. 

For three weeks in May 2010, Nilson taught 15 people in three different sessions his principles and skills, focusing on Brahman cattle. He will be making seasonal trips to the United States to conduct more clinics throughout the year for groups from other breeds. He has hosted dozens of clinics in Brazil for both private groups at ranches, and large groups sponsored by the ABCZ - teaching hundreds of people.  Nilson often proves people who have had zero experience with cattle can break calves just as effectively as those with years of experience; just as he proves many times that old dogs can learn new tricks.
For more information, or if you would be interested in hosting or attending a clinic in the future, please e-mail John Locke at johnclocke@hotmail.com.

2010 Clinics
Congratulations to the ranch participants of the May 2010 clinics:

  • J.D. Hudgins, Inc - Alex Hermosillo, Ezekiel Hermosillo, Porferio Martinez, Ricardo Torres, and J’Boone Koonce
  • V8 Ranch - Matt Karisch, Brandon Cutrer, and David Navarro
  • East Texas Ranch - Richard Chamblee and Mark Chamblee
  • Dubina Rose Ranch - Carlos Molino
  • KD Brahmans - Kevin Deleu
  • Drew Hubert
  • Herman Detering
Nilson demonstrates how to build trust between the animal and the human by demonstrating flight zones and behavior patterns. The clinic progresses, animals that often would run off in the pasture are able to be rubbed all over their bodies.
Gradually, the animal is gently introduced to the halter, naturally being adjusted to leading and training. At the end of the weeklong clinic, calves are able to be led,tied, set up, and shown with no resistance.
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